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We are opening opportunities to develop business in Bali Airport

Announcement for participants of cargo
business partner selection, deadline
RfQ document submission until November 8th 2021


  1. The information contained in this selection document or subsequently provided to the Applicants (defined later), whether verbally or in documentary or any other form by or on behalf of PT ANGKASA PURA I (PERSERO) or any of their employees or advisers, is on the terms and conditions set-out in this selection document, and such other terms and conditions subject to which, such information is provided.

  2. This selection document is neither an agreement, nor, an offer by PT ANGKASA PURA I (PERSERO) to the Applicant or any other person/s. The purpose of this selection document is to provide the Applicants with the information that may be useful to them, in the formulation of their selection document. This selection document includes statements, which reflect various assumptions and assessments arrived at by PT ANGKASA PURA I (PERSERO) in relation to the work. Such assumptions, assessments and statements do not purport to contain all the information that each Applicant may require. This selection document may not be appropriate for all the persons, and it is not possible for PT ANGKASA PURA I (PERSERO), its employees or advisers to consider the objectives, technical expertise and particular needs of each party, who reads or uses this selection document. The assumptions, assessments, statements and information contained in this selection document, may not be complete, accurate, adequate or correct. Each Applicant should, therefore, conduct its own investigations and analysis, and should check the accuracy, adequacy, correctness, reliability and completeness of the assumptions, assessments and information contained in this selection document, and obtain independent advice from appropriate sources.

  3. Information provided in this selection document to the Applicants is on a wide range of matters, some of which depends upon interpretation of law. The information given, is not an exhaustive account of statutory requirements, and should not be regarded as a complete or authoritative statement of law. PT ANGKASA PURA I (PERSERO) accepts no responsibility for the accuracy, or otherwise for any interpretation or opinion on the law expressed herein.

  4. PT ANGKASA PURA I (PERSERO), its employees and advisers make no representation or warranty, and shall have no liability to any person including any Applicant under any law, statute, rules or regulations or tort, principles of restitution or unjust enrichment or otherwise for any loss, damages, cost or expense which may arise from or be incurred or suffered on account of anything contained in this selection document or otherwise, including the accuracy, adequacy, correctness, reliability or completeness of the selection document and any assessment, assumption, statement or information contained therein or deemed to form part of this selection document or arising in any way in this award process.

  5. This selection document, along with its Annexures, is not transferable. It may not be copied or distributed by the recipient to third parties (other than in confidence to the recipient’s professional advisors). In the event that, the recipient does not continue with its involvement in the work in accordance with this selection document, this selection document must be kept confidential.

  6. PT ANGKASA PURA I (PERSERO) also accepts no liability of any nature, whether resulting from negligence or otherwise, however caused, arising from reliance of any Prospective Bidder upon the statements contained in this selection document. It is the responsibility of the Applicants to make their own assessment regarding the extent of business opportunity in preparing their Request.

  7. PT ANGKASA PURA I (PERSERO) may, in its absolute discretion, but, without being under any obligation to do so, update, amend or supplement the information, assessment or assumption contained in this selection document.

  8. The Applicant shall bear all its costs associated with or relating to the preparation and submission of its Request including, but not limited to preparation, copying, postage, delivery fees, expenses associated with any demonstration or presentation, which may be required by PT ANGKASA PURA I (PERSERO) or any other cost incurred in connection with or relating to its Request. All such costs and expenses will remain with the Applicant, and PT ANGKASA PURA I (PERSERO) shall not be liable in any manner whatsoever, for the same, or, for any other cost, or, other expense, incurred by any Applicant, in preparation or submission of the Request, regardless of the conduct or outcome of the selection process.

  9. PT ANGKASA PURA I (PERSERO) reserves the right to accept or reject any or all Requests; qualify or disqualify any or all Applicant without giving any reason, and is not obliged to correspond with any Applicant in this regard. Further, PT ANGKASA PURA I (PERSERO) reserves the right to relax, change, review, revise or/and cancel the eligibility criteria and the selection document process, at any time, without prior notice or without assigning any reason whatsoever. This invitation for selection document does not give rise to any right, and is not an offer.

  10. PT ANGKASA PURA I (PERSERO) will not entertain any claim for expenses in relation to the preparation of any Request pursuant hereto.

  11. PT ANGKASA PURA I (PERSERO) at its absolute discretion, reserves the right, until the closure of the selection document submission, to modify any proposed terms and conditions set-out in the selection document as necessary, including but not limited to cancelling/withdrawing the selection document, to meet its objectives and principles as set-out below in this section