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We are opening opportunities to develop business in Bali Airport



1. Q : How to join the business temporary process?
  A : You can join the Temporary Business Selection process by first sending a letter of Interest, downloading the Selection document in this website and submit your qualification & quotation document.
2. Q : How long is the contract period awarded to the Temporary Business Selection winners for each package?
  A : For each Temporary Business package, the contract period is in total of 2 years with a 1 year +1-year scheme.
3. Q : Is there any cost to download the Selection document?
  A : The Selection document is free and can be directly downloaded from this website.
4. Q : By submitting the RFP proposal document, does that mean my company automatically join the business temporary process?
  A : Yes, by submitting the Selection document which consists of qualification & quotation document, you have chance to joining temporary process by firstly send your offering letter.
5. Q : Can I download The Selection Document for any package that I want to join?
  A : No, you can only download the Selection document after submitting your Letter of Interest.
6. Q : When we can download the Selection document after submit the offering letter?
  A : We will give the log in data to download the Selection document after we confirm the offering letter. Normally it will take 1 working day to send the email confirmation.
7. Q : Will I become the selection winner after I submit the RFP document?
  A : No, the confirmation of the Selection document is just an indication for a participant to be eligible to join the process. The winner of the Temporary Business Selection process for each package will be determined through an evaluation.
8. Q : I already downloaded the RFP document. But we have technical problems while preparing the proposal. Can I have more time to prepare the document?
  A : No, there is no deadline extension. The timeline for Selection Document submission phase is as stated on the website. Any changes can only be made by PT Angkasa Pura I (Persero). Late proposal submission will be automatically rejected.
9. Q : What language shall be used in preparing the RFP document?
  A : The participant will have to prepare all of Selection Document in both Bahasa Indonesia and English (bi-lingual). Both of these languages will need to have the same meaning and interpretation.
10. Q : After all Selection Document evaluated by AP I, all member will be invited to negotiation meeting?
  A : No, negotiation invitation based on scoring of evaluation team.
11. Q : When I should submit the Selection Document?
  A : You can send the document by email based on the timeline which has been listed in the temporary business opportunities.
12. Q : I am existing business partner in AP1, how is the procedure to request statement letter regarding to be free from any non-current debt?
  A : You can send the request letter to:

Kantor Pusat PT Angkasa Pura I (Persero). Kota Baru Bandar Kemayoran Blok B12 Kav.2 Jakarta Pusat, DKI Jakarta – Indonesia

Subject: Permohonan surat pernyataan bebas hutang non-current

Att: Vice President Finance

After the physical letter sent, please send the scanned letter via email to:

pst.kka@ap1.co.id CC: juni.wiyono@ap1.co.id

Email correspondency is just related to non-current debt statement letter request. Any other correspondencies outside that subject will be ignored.

13. Q : I never had any business contract / agreement with AP1. Should I request statement letter for free of non-current debt?
  A : No, especially for participants who never cooperated with AP I needs to submit a statement letter Issued by a property owner/landlord In any commercial space or a place with high traffic stating the participant compliance to every payment process during the contract period.