Tender Bali Airport - Ngurah Rai International Airport - Ngurah Rai International Airport

Welcome to Paradise. Angkasa Pura Airports refurbishing the world class airport in Paradise. Find out how to become part of this.
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The corridor reflect the unique welcoming ambiance of Bali through the garden. The corridor taking the concept upon the fresh welcome sensation of the garden with green scenery. The elements of local wisdom & unique landmark also taken to make people instantly know that they are in Bali.

This concept being implemented through the area design that ensure better visibility through the area, comfortable dwell area, high quality facilities, and better accessibility.

The corridor commercial area divided into 3 areas, which invite the passenger to journey through time of Bali evolution. The first area is modern Bali that depict the modern architecture and ambiance which can be found in most of brand new tourism place in Bali. The second area is Bali fusion, which depict the fusion between Bali with wider Indonesian culture. The third area is traditional Bali, which depict the authenticity of Bali Traditional ambiance. The mix of brand and outlets will reflect upon that.

Bali Modern : Various F&B outlets with modern design & well known brands with international choices. The unique selling point (USP) of this area is a direct clear view to the water pond which can give relaxation ambiance for the passengers. Alongside with the water pond & fountain, the outlets in this area are the greeter for the arriving passengers, showing the fresh & relax feeling of Bali.

Bali Fusion : A mix of Retail & Services which essential for travellers and also F&B with local Indonesia taste. There is a kids playground located in this area which make this area is the perfect area for family.

Bali Traditional : A mix of Retail & F&B outlets which can reflect the best authentic taste of Bali and become the last minute commercial area before the passenger continue their journey to leave the airport.

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